Performance Drilling is a new and exciting way to aid your company in the training and development of your employees and gives you the opportunity to provide your employees with skills they can begin using immediately when interacting with customers. Traditionally, employees were trained through role-playing examples, on the job training, watching videos, or reading the material they needed to learn. These examples focus on delivering knowledge without practical skills for implementation. But the development of Performance Drilling allows your employees to relate the knowledge they gain through training in an effective and beneficial way. Not only will your employees benefit from obtaining practical and usable skills, but your customers will be positively impacted by the interaction as well.

In contrast to the eLearning models that emphasize rapid, yet short-term knowledge gain, the frameworks present realistic scenarios designed to create an environment where learners can hone their ability to interact with others in a knowledgeable and eloquent manner. Learners can use these skills when speaking with clients in person or on the phone. Every interaction your employees have with customers is crucial to your bottom line, which means you want your employees to be set up for success with the proper skills when they hit the frontlines of sales or service.

The frameworks were created to help you focus the skills of your seasoned and exceptional employees into one training presentation through simulated real-life experience. Before, these top performers were made through many years of experience, but today, they can be made in a day. As learners progress through the simulation, they work through failures and difficulties that previously could only be perfected through customer interactions. Now, the employee can practice situations over and over again at the expense of a simulated customer rather than a real customer that could be negatively impacted by an employee’s mistake.

Utilizing the many frameworks helps your new employees through realistic scenarios involving customer questions, complaints and objections. While seasoned employees may find no problem fielding these sorts of issues, new employees can freeze up when they are not confident in how to answer or handle the situation. The frameworks force new employees to confront these situations many times until they are completely comfortable responding. Their response to tense situations becomes second nature to them in a matter of hours. Of course they will have failures along the way, just as the experienced employee did, but for the new employee using the frameworks, their failures were in a simulated, risk-free environment.

As confidence is instilled in your employees, they will begin to use their knowledge and skills to improve every experience and interaction they have with a customer. When your brain knows how to answer a question, it is freed up to move to the next item on the conversation agenda. As a result, employees are better positioned to anticipate customer needs. This results in increased sales and an overall better customer experience.

Even though your best employees know how to do this, the key is getting all of your employees to a place where they can confidently and accurately address each and every customer’s concerns. Doing this allows your company to grow and succeed. It all starts at the front line with your employees who interact with your customers on a daily basis. Train them and train them well with real skills instead of short-term facts. This is how you impact your bottom line.