Performance Drilling is designed to allow users to practice scenarios by working with life-like simulated clients and co-workers. It takes role-playing to the next level. In the past, role-playing relied upon a live human partner, and the process was usually uncomfortable and unproductive for both parties. Role-playing in an eLearning setting with realistic animated partners encourages the learner to use their own words in developing answers to questions from the simulated challenger. Most importantly, the simulated challenger asks questions in a random order, preventing the user from memorizing answers sequentially during testing.

While we all have different learning styles, there is no denying that we all learn through practice. If we want to perfect our craft, we must practice it. This is why employees who have worked for the same company for years and years also tend to be the best employees—they have done everything so many times, their job becomes second nature to them.

So how do we get our new employees to the level of our veteran employees without waiting the years it takes for them to gain the experience needed? Practice. Our patented training software is designed to give your new employee a place to practice customer service skills in a safe environment while using one of many patented methodologies that builds an employee’s skills rather than testing their memorization ability.

By entering one of the custom training modules, employees can observe great answers delivered by animated role models, and then have a chance to practice answering questions from animated challengers themselves. They will then be graded on a points scale based on how many of the Key Elements they could deliver and also the speed and confidence of their answer. The learner can go back to the practice session often to practice giving correct and complete answers. Again, the questions will be presented in a random order and will reflect a real conversation an employee would have with a customer. This type of interactive learning is much more effective and practical than any other eLearning model used for customer service training.

In addition to the full Performance Drilling model, the learning content can be used as a reference through a different framework. Your employee can practice information they have already mastered but need to refresh in preparation for an upcoming interaction or meeting. In this case, the Warm-Up framework can be used to take the employee to the testing portion only. It can be as customized as the user wants; therefore, it can include all sections previously learned, a single section, or any combination of sections, to enable the learner to have the freedom to practice whatever requires the most review. When using the program in this manner, it proves that Performance Drilling is software that is excellent not just for employee training but continued employee development and education as well.

No matter what framework the learner uses, they will always be practicing their craft: speaking aloud in a simulated customer interaction, being put on the spot for an honest and accurate answer, or simply finding the right words to ease a customer’s displeasure with any facet of your business. Rather than waiting for an employee to encounter a difficult situation in real circumstances, the frameworks bring the situation to the learner in a place where making mistakes won’t cost you a sale or a customer. They can practice the situation ten times throughout the course of a day, where “practicing” during a real life, on-the-job situation could take weeks to encounter the same situation ten times, and worse yet, cost you ten customers before the employee is fully comfortable and confident in how to handle the situation.

The results of using the frameworks for your corporate training are unrivaled. Help your employees practice becoming the best they can be before they reach your sales floor.