If you already have a Learning Management System (LMS) you know that it is a great place to host your courses so that your employees may sign in and see what’s new to learn. Once they take courses, you can track their progress and see their scores. The LMS is a great repository for slide presentations, videos, and multiple choice scoring instruments.

ProPractice.com knows that companies depend on the capabilities of their LMS. That’s why all ProPractice.com modules are published in a SCORM-compliant format. Our highly sophisticated frameworks, including realistic simulations of role models and challengers fit neatly into virtually all LMS systems. Our methods for scoring – be they conventional multiple choice or the much more powerful and useful verbal response to challenges – can all be tracked within the LMS.

One capability that most LMS platforms provide is a mechanism for recommending courses for learners to take. But since learners can vary in skills from the newest of the new to seasoned veterans, there is often not enough courseware tailored for each developmental level available. Too often all learners are dumped into a single generic training module that is too advanced for the new, and too boring for the already skilled.

That’s where ProPractice.com’s authoring tool – the LCMX – comes in. Through the publishing capabilities of the LCMX you can structure your content to provide a baseline assessment, provide introductory knowledge, enhance basic skills, sharpen up experienced users, or even provide ongoing assessment and regular recertification. The LCMX allows the same learning content to be restructured and reshaped so that you can create an entire series of courses for learners of all skills in far less time than it takes you to produce a single one-size-fits-none module using conventional tools. The authoring process is so revolutionary it’s patented – and it’s a great way to populate your LMS with courses that are fine-tuned for every learning level.

And each course can utilize the learning methodologies developed by ProPractice.com that not only impart knowledge, but that also build long-lasting, real world skills the learners can use on the job today. These learning methodologies are so revolutionary, they’re patented, too.

And you won’t have to worry about device support. ProPractice.com modules are built to support both HTML5 and Flash, so that when a user accesses the LMS from a PC, iPad, or mobile it just works. All content is available for all devices, automatically.

Whether your LMS is new and you are looking for a lot of great content to populate it, or your LMS is well-established and you are looking to maximize the investment that you have already put into it, ProPractice.com can provide the courseware to bring out the best in each and every one of your employees – whether they be novice or expert. And if you’d rather build the courses yourselves, ProPractice.com’s authoring tools can allow you to deliver far more finely tuned courses, covering a wider range of subjects, at a fraction of the cost that you are spending now.

The LMS is the starting point for your employee’s learning needs. Make the most of it by populating it with incredibly effective ProPractice.com structured courseware that builds real, everyday skills that your people can use today.

And if you don’t have an LMS, that’s okay too. ProPractice.com modules can be run on their own, independently, from servers, websites, intranets, disks or flash drives. ProPractice.com provides learning that not only works with your LMS, but more importantly works for your people.