User feedback about Performance Drilling is extremely positive. A small sample of testimonials from managers and front-line users now follows:

Feedback from Managers

It exceeded my expectations. I was stunned at how quickly people learned… and how quickly their scores went up from baseline scores… and how they successfully used it with customers the
same day as the training.

I love it. It helps me save time. I don’t have to take two employees off the line to do roleplays. It is great for increasing their confidence.

Performance Drilling is driving better consistency than what we could have from role-playing. If there was a way to clone us as managers, this is the way to do it!

After using Performance Drilling, our sales associates are now so comfortable with presenting and talking about the offer right off the bat.

It builds confidence beyond anything else we have done.

It is so exciting to hear my employees properly responding to the objections just like they do with Performance Drilling.

It is a fantastic tool, and my people really like it.

I can already tell it (Performance Drilling) is going to allow me to really get a good, specific, individualized coaching plan for each of my employees.

Performance Drilling provides coaching even when no one is available to coach. The ability to have at your fingertips a coach to focus on any specific area of the needs analysis process, at any time, is a powerful tool.

It really allowed (employees) to leverage their time in terms of the areas that they need to work on. It gives them confidence because they can see that they are doing really well in most modules – but if there is an area that they need to work on, they can just work on that module.

This should be the way that we do our product, promotion, and campaign training.

Employees like the fact that they have something they can navigate back and forth with for their learning style.

They like the key specific phrases they can say.

They like that they can go in and navigate any way they want to. They can work through it any way they are comfortable with to suit their learning style.

From a coaching perspective, we can identify very specific things they are supposed to say whereas in a role-play setting it is more ‘I would say something like…’ so with Performance Drilling we are all on the same page.

We have a staff member that is Gen Y. He struggled with the baseline and the first scored challenge. He said ‘I can’t remember and there are too many key elements.’ He was very flustered. We set some ground rules and an area where employees have some privacy to practice. This individual had his second scored challenge today and he scored 100%. His attitude changed completely and he is now very positive! He also used headphones when he practiced and that helped.

One of our new salespeople said ‘I don’t know if this sales thing is for me.’ We explained that to meet the needs of our customers, we have to actively look for opportunities. She has now relaxed and it is coming to her now. She is now experiencing tons of success.

Our sellers are having more conversations with customers. They are excited and recognizing each other when they handle customer objections. There is a little mini competition going on.

One of the best benefits I’ve found is it is really helpful because some employees are challenged with stumbling over words. This has been a great tool to help them specifically say what they need to say. They are much more fluent and they are coming across to customers as being more competent.

I asked our employees what were you doing when you got objections from customers before you started using Performance Drilling. Five out of six said, ‘I said “OK” because I didn’t know what else to say.’ Now they do know what to say and one of them said ‘I am now more aware of what the customer is saying to me and what I’m saying back to them.’

Feedback from Employees

I could not get this out of my head all weekend. I found myself practicing all the time. I got to work this morning and asked Sally about her weekend. She said that she could not stop practicing either. WOW, what a tool. Things I never thought too much about, I can’t get out of my head.

I learned more about (Product X) in these two half-hour trainings than I’d learned selling the product for the last year! I feel more confident and knowledgeable.

I love the read it, watch it, do it, and review it and the flexibility to use it in the way that works best for me.

I like that it gave us the Key Elements but that I could put it in my own words.

It just flows like real scenarios.

The information presented was fabulous. I liked the specific, brief points. This was the best, most relevant, specific training I have ever received.

I now feel I can confidently overcome objections. I do not hesitate to offer the product at every opportunity. I now know what to expect and how to respond. My sales are really taking off!

You are improving your game and your ability to do the job the best you can.

It accelerates the process (of learning) and provides mapping of the information in your mind. It becomes more permanent in your mind.

I like that the program challenges you. I like to beat the program!

This is a great tool and it is fun!

Performance Drilling is teaching an old dog new tricks.