Performance Drilling is a revolutionary performance training and coaching system that has the ability to focus on both knowledge acquisition and behavioral embedding. The tool is interactive, distinguishing it from every other form of training in the eLearning sphere.

Performance Drilling provides a complete learning experience for the user. By focusing on what it takes to have a person actually learn a skill, and not just memorize information, we revolutionized the eLearning field. Performance drilling introduces new concepts to the learner and then takes them through a focused training system to help them master and retain the material presented to them. They are able to do this through practicing the skills and responses they will use in real-life situations. Practice is performed in a comfortable and private setting allowing the learner to be open and honest about how they performed without feeling like their mistakes would be made publicly.

In addition, Performance Drilling incorporates all different styles of learning to guarantee it will reach and assist each and every client that uses it. Learners are presented material in various modes to affect different parts of the brain and be sure each style of learning is touched upon. Learners will experience the content by reading a full script of the information, reading the Key Elements (or summary) of the information, listening to an avatar speak the information, observing the avatar while it is speaking, and practicing the information they have just obtained. Because Performance Drilling is Internet based, it can also be used at any time and from any computer or mobile device, allowing learners flexibility of how and when they choose to study. All of these factors enable the learner to have more confidence and better mastery of the content they are learning.

During testing for knowledge acquisition, traditional eLearning models require either a typed response or multiple-choice answer; neither has been proven effective. With Performance Drilling, testing is interactive and questions are randomized to create simulated real-world situations. As the avatar asks questions or voices concerns as a true customer would, the learner has the opportunity to respond eloquently with verbal skills that they built during the practice session. The answers to the questions are then graded based upon multiple facets of their speech. Answering a customer requires more than a brief statement of knowledge, so PD allows for the learner to be graded on the accuracy, confidence, and timeliness of response to the question. This gives the learner a chance to use his/her own words and relieves the pressure of forced memorization. The learner is also able to return to the training session at any time to refresh or restudy the material. The object here is not to remember the answer for a short period of time (long enough to take a test), but rather to truly develop the skills and knowledge needed to confidently and accurately interact with clients. Therefore, there is an option to return and study the information and then proceed once again to testing where they will be able to answer the avatar more thoroughly and more confidently.

We are certain that using the patented training technology of Performance Drilling will revolutionize the way you train your people and allow them to develop and master the critical skills that are essential to making your company successful.