’s learning methodologies create a learning environment that drives results. Our quality and effective courseware has been tested by industry leaders who are passionate about revolutionizing Internet-based learning, Thus, we do not only focus on creating quality courseware, but also providing a product that taps into the key ways in which the brain learns. The fusion of both—technology and new learning approaches—has led to a more effective process that produces results that make a difference and are long lasting.

But the elements that make up this training are complex. The flow requires a structure that emotionally engages the learner during the simulated work experience. While others might try to “bolt on” engagement, with the process it’s built in. So, how can a small- or medium-sized business ever hope to obtain this highly sophisticated model to apply to their specific business needs?

The answer lies in’s creation of an authoring platform that is practical, relevant and cost efficient for today’s workforce. Now superior learning methodologies can be deployed affordably for companies of all sizes. The approach of this platform is so revolutionary it’s patented. The authoring process is dynamic, to allow for fluidity and flexibility as different learning modules are implemented within a company’s eLearning program.’s authoring platform allows customers to create modules quickly and at the lowest total cost, all while delivering unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Organizations no longer have to worry about outsourcing changes and revisions to their eLearning courseware.’s authoring tools are designed so that novice content managers can create and manage the courseware through the entire life cycle of the learning process. Ideally, learning programs are created by the people closest to the content. Because they need it and will use it, they are best suited to drive the creation of content. This allows for the greatest degree of customization and ensures an organization’s objectives are met. When someone who is removed from the organization’s culture creates authoring tools, for example, a person in a backroom mill that doesn’t understand pressing needs or context, the content can become less effective and meaningful. Instead, has crafted tailored technology that can be adjusted easily to fluctuate with business plans and the learning process.

Of course, the people closest to the learning need might not be experts in courseware authoring, and they almost certainly are not programmers. With’s authoring platform, frameworks fill in the gaps to make sure that raw content entered by the managers is published using the most sophisticated and effective learning methodologies. Content authors don’t have to debate formatting the course this way or that, or presenting the content in one order versus another; they simply enter the content and the built-in frameworks allow unformatted content to be presented in multiple effective ways to meet the needs of different audiences. And as for the state-of-the-art photo realistic avatars that force emotional engagement, those are all automatically built and placed in the module via sophisticated technology. There is no programming, or no courseware storyboarding required. The people that know the content simply need to enter the unformatted content and the authoring platform does the rest. And since it’s automated, it is very affordable.

Incorporating’s modules within an existing organization is easy. They are compatible with existing LMS systems and compatible with all viewing platforms. The authoring platform can publish the modules to be played on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, which is a huge benefit and differentiator in today’s eLearning scene. As a result, employees can practice from nearly anywhere. On the plane before a big pitch, or at home to refresh on crucial techniques,’s eLearning is available at all times and can be presented on Flash, HTML5, Silverlight or all of the above to support virtually any device.

For fast, quality courseware, delivered as a reasonable cost,’s learning modules are the go-to product to ensure employees leave an eLearning session with enhanced skills. The authoring platform makes these modules incredibly easy to create with no prior authoring or programming skills required. The ability for an organization to change and immediately implement new programs keeps learning applicable and interesting for the learner, benefiting the organization in the short and long term.