Martin Cohen, M.D.

Learning Methodologies

Dr. Cohen is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman of Cohen Brown, and is one of the leading strategists, consultants, managers, lecturers, and trainers in the financial services industry today. Starting in 2005, he began active pursuit of his dream of revolutionizing the way that people learn by utilizing technology, forming the entity that would eventually spin-off into

Dr. Cohen is the creator of the new learning methodologies that are employed in the learning model. These patented revolutionary approaches include Performance Drilling, Listening Mastery, Perfecting Performance and many others. Dr. Cohen also writes, produces, and delivers dynamic “techno-motivational” programs that skillfully integrate strategies, tactics, motivation, and humor to maximize results.

In addition to the creation of the Cohen Brown and corporations, Dr. Cohen has also been a visiting professor of management in the MBA/PhD program at Claremont Graduate University’s, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management.

Dr. Cohen earned his medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine, and his psychiatric degree from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute.

In addition to being a dedicated family man, Dr. Cohen is a collector of fine art – be it on canvas, sculpture, or in the form of a Ferrari.

John DiGiantomasso

Technical Innovation

John discovered computer programming at the age of 14 and by the age of 17 was working as a professional computer programmer while a senior in high school. His first job was in computer based instruction, and pre-dated the term “eLearning.” From there he worked in computer graphics, accounting, communications, supply chain, and other disciplines in the roles of programmer, analyst, network manager, IT director, and application architect. John met Rick at Proxima in 1993, then led Rick to Microsoft to be joined by Yasaman. The three came to Mitrix where they joined Ken and Michael. After Mitrix collapsed in 2007, John’s sister introduced him to Dr. Cohen. Since then, John has managed the growth of under the direction of Dr. Cohen, and has been able to bring along the very best people from his past to form the technical team as it exists today.

John leads the team to provide workable technology to deliver the vision of better ways to engage the brain in the learning process. John’s vision of a better way to author eLearning allowed the superior learning methodologies to be encoded into modules so effortlessly that this unique approach became practical and affordable for virtually everybody interested in improving the way their people learn.

Designed, developed and delivered the automated system that runs the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad in Skagway, Alaska.

John continued his youthful enthusiasm for computer technology and is self-taught in application architecture and software development.

Providing leadership and technical training to youth to help them better understand the workings of the real world.

“There are a lot of incredible benefits to being part of the team. First is the opportunity to work daily with some very special people. Second is the knowledge that all of these special people are working together for a special purpose – to create something that never existed before that can improve the lives of countless people. I can’t think of any other place that I would rather be.”

Ken Rudewicz

Operational Excellence

Ken began his work with technology in the supply chain field, starting as an end-user tasked with proving feedback and recommendations to the processes used in the company. This led to Ken’s role in leading operations and providing insight into customers’ needs and how they can be met through the successful implementation of technology. Ken had brief contact working when John worked as a consultant at his company, which was the common thread that brought John and his historical teammates to Mitrix in 2005.

Ken directs all of the day to day operations including client services, production, information technology, and administrative responsibilities. Ken is a key contributor to design and development of our products, calling upon his passion and vision to get the job done, and get it done right.

Successful implementations of Supply Chain Software at several multi-million dollar businesses, as well as a member of a team responsible for the successful implementation of ISO 9000 process.

Ken does not have a formal education, electing instead to enter the world of business and gaining invaluable insights and experience directly from the workplace.

Family, technology, and participating in sports including workouts, bicycling, golf and bowling.

“I believe this product absolutely delivers what no other product I have seen can do. I have witnessed first-hand the results, and they are impressive. I come from an athletic background, so the concept of practice to improve is very near and dear to me. We also have a great group of people with the similar passion and vision to help the company and products achieve the best success possible.”

David Mannion

Software Development

Dave has been developing software for over 20 years in a variety of industries, including publishing, image processing/light manufacturing, ERP systems and industrial automation.  He worked with both John and Yasaman at Microsoft and moved up to Washington to work at the Redmond campus for several years.  He returned to sunny SoCal in 2006 to help build a SAAS/Cloud start up company, where he lead the engineering team for 7 years.

When his head isn’t immersed in code, Dave spends time with his wife and three young boys. He coaches Little League, AYSO, flag football, and basketball, and in the off-season they enjoy family bike rides, camping trips and doing home improvement projects.

“It’s great to be working with John and Yasaman again and with the awesome ProPractice and team.  I am passionate about building great software that provides real value to our clients.  Our technology provides a platform for delivering highly effective training that can be developed quickly and customized to our customers’ specific needs.  Our product roadmap includes cutting edge features that will transform how training is created, delivered and experienced.  Working on this technology is exciting and I can’t wait to get new features into our users’ hands.”

Yasaman Olivier

Quality Assurance

Yasaman began her work in Quality Assurance in 1997 in supply chain software at Sage and Microsoft. She worked with John and Rick at Microsoft starting in 2001, and then left Microsoft to work with John, Rick, Ken and Michael at Mitrix in 2005.

Yasaman ensures that all products and services are top-notch at all times, being involved in ensuring quality from script to finished module and from design to released application
Microsoft Award for Excellence in Quality Assurance

BS in Computer Science and QA Certification from UC Irvine; MBA from Chapman University

Attending plays, musicals, Broadway shows and animated movies; traveling

“I couldn’t be more excited about our company and its products, not only because I’ve been a part of it since the beginning and have watched it grow and mature into what it is today, but I’ve been closely and deeply involved with every little detail and have enjoyed every moment, like it was my own baby. When I hear about our clients using our products to improve their bottom line, two or three fold, I feel proud of what our small team has been able to accomplish in such a short time.”

Michael An

Technology Platform

Michael changed careers Aerospace Engineering to Information Technology focus in 2000. In 2002 worked a supply chain that led to working with John, Ken, Rick and Yasaman at Mitrix.

Michael is responsible for the design, implementation, and support of the production systems hosting the LCMX, as well as other supplemental systems such as the development and Quality Assurance environments, as well as LMS test and support platforms.

First job was providing engineering support to the Space Shuttle program

BS from University of Maryland, MS from University of Michigan in Aerospace Engineering

Photography of sons participating in sports activities, including baseball and water polo

“I am extremely excited about LCMX and the Performance Drilling methodology because I believe they can have tremendous impact on the e-learning industry. As the company continues to grow, I look forward to applying the latest technology to our internal and production environments in order to better support our customers.”