Professional Practice for Sales, Service, and Management
Building top performance in your employees is our specialty. We’ve spent years arriving at the perfect solution to a lack of meaningful practice in the business world today.
Cohen Brown founded by Martin Cohen, MD, and Ed Brown to provide training to achieve behavioral change and performance excellence.
Dr. Cohen creates a series of “Learning Frameworks” that utilize structured verbal practice methodologies. Work begins on development of demonstration prototypes.
With prototypes complete, work commences on adapting existing technology to build these training modules, with John DiGiantomasso hired as Project Manager to oversee the effort.
New company spun off from Cohen Brown to concentrate on structured verbal practice facilitated by software, named “Breakthrough PerformanceTech” or “BPT” for short.
First modules are created using exciting eLearning authoring and automation tools. Modules require a content and animation team to work for days to produce each structured verbal practice lesson.
In a pilot program, modules are developed pro bono to train young girls in Kenya to be comfortable speaking to their village elders about HIV testing. It is a spectacular success.
Since BPT learning methodologies overwhelm the capabilities of existing authoring tools, “Streamlined Learning Interactivity Creation Kit” or “SLICK” is invented by John DiGiantomasso. This radically different authoring platform requires the invention of new technologies to reduce course authoring demands.
The first customer deployment of SLICK allows creation of hundreds of training modules in remarkably short timeframes. The structured verbal practice training is remarkably effective, allowing the client to move from last place to top marks in quality of customer service provided.
A patent is granted on the unique learning methodologies invented by Dr. Cohen. These are collectively known as the “BPT Frameworks” and are incorporated within the authoring software, now renamed LCMX.
A patent is granted on the new technologies within LCMX that allow for raw Learning Content to be combined with pre-defined Learning Frameworks and Style Sets to be published into effective learning modules incorporating the patented structured practice methodologies.
Sales of custom-developed learning content and LCMX platform authoring rapidly expand under the brands of “Cohen Brown” and “Breakthrough PerformanceTech.” Thousands of modules are developed that improve the job performance of millions of learners around the world.
Introduction of brand – committed to providing Professional Practice for Sales, Service, and Management.
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Proven Learning Solutions. Today. is a new name, but we’ve been perfecting this system for years.
We have always known that professional, structured practice was the key
to daily performance excellence on the job.
Through research and development, we have found a way to make structured practice
effective and enjoyable, producing long-lasting results.

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