Traditional training simply imparts knowledge. adopts a unique practice methodology to build skills that allow the learner to be able to use that knowledge in their conversations.’s newly developed process for eLearning will change the way your company trains new employees, both for the new hire and the facilitator. Our revolutionary new software is state of art, yet affordable for all companies.

Before, if you wanted to train your employees with software that was “affordable”, you probably had to rely on limited generic content. But now, you can get fully customizable module development software that is easily accessible and user friendly. Every aspect of the modules is customizable so each store, branch or office within your company can maximize its own individual potential. Each individual location has different needs and information your employees need to learn. The managers on your frontline can be allowed to optimize the data entered into the module to ensure your employees are learning exactly what they need to best support and provide for your customers.

Best of all, the software is practice based. Once the content is curated and placed into the module, the employee will spend time learning it through practice. Through extensive study and research, we developed a program that captivates the learner into grasping and practicing key concepts and information to prepare them for customer interactions. They will be able to confidently and accurately engage with your customers providing excellent customer service to help increase your sales. Using lessons that focus on small portions of content at a time, the learner has time to practice everything to perfection before moving on to another topic. This ensures the learner is not overwhelmed by receiving all of the content at once and provides ample time to practice each and every section necessary to achieve a job well done.

As your employees practice through the modules and complete the testing portion at the end, their progress and scores can be tracked by your current LMS. All of the data from the modules is then seen through your LMS allowing you easy access to each learner’s success.

This is where is really different from traditional eLearning approaches. Traditional training simply imparts knowledge – providing facts and figures for your employees to know. But simply knowing information is very different from being able to communicate clearly and confidently. That’s why adopts its unique practice methodology – to build skills that allow the learner to be able to use that knowledge in their conversation, instead of just having the knowledge sit unused in the brain. Other learning systems assume that your learners will automatically bridge that gap – but that’s not an easy thing to do on your own. The training methodology works with your learners to help them make that next step and lock it permanently into their skill set through structured practice.

In addition, all of the content entered into the module is reusable throughout multiple learning frameworks. This allows you to create multiple ways of learning and practicing to fit the needs of employees at different developmental levels without the hassle of having to rebuild each course from scratch. No authoring skills or effort are needed to transfer information from one framework to the next – you simply enter the unstructured content once and it is immediately available across all frameworks! You will save time and headache by taking advantage of the revolutionary patented technology brought to you by