The Greatest Verbal Skills Training Breakthrough in History

ProPractice produces the Best Real-World Results in Sales, Service, Leadership, Management, and Coaching.

Consistent Verbal Executional Excellence is assured.

  • Deliver compelling presentations every time.
  • Effectively respond to all questions and ask the right questions.
  • Overcome any concerns and objections.
  • Maximize obtaining agreement.

ProPractice is completely interactive and engaging.
embeds desirable behaviors…just like in professional sports.
No worthless multiple-choice or true/false components.

How does ProPractice do it?

  • Training in Proven Best Practices Content Including “Perfect Role Modeling”
  • Deliberate Practice Utilizing Key Elements for Personalization
  • Audio/Video Recording of Responses to Challenges
  • Immediate Feedback and Assessment
  • Advice-Based Coaching for Content and Style

ProPractice builds new Modules in less than a day and updates existing Modules in hours (Verbal AgileSM).

  • Based upon proven neuroscience, learning science, and experiential evidence.
  • Cloud-based and available 24/7 on any device
  • Equally effective in person or remotely
  • Assures cultural diversity
  • 31 Patents

Ask for a Demo and Prepare to be Amazed!