’s Corporate Social Responsibility is focused on leveraging our technological innovations to help developing countries address societal challenges with solutions that are scalable and sustainable.

When the girls in the Global Give Back Circle made the decision to Give Back time and talent by using the power of their voice, they were able to realize their goals and feel empowered by their achievements when they were given the support of Performance Drilling.

GGBC Students TeacherThe Global Give Back Circle is a circle of empowerment propelled by women from all parts of the globe who Give Back time and talent to mentor disadvantaged girls in Kenya. It is also a circle of enablement because Kenya’s private sector views an investment in the education of disadvantaged girls as ‘good economics’ when they connect their core business strategy of human capital development with compassion.

As members of the ‘circle’ the girls commit to implementing ‘Give Back Commitments’ that help their communities. Each May they submit updated progress reports. Through this structured process of empowerment, enablement and Giving Back, Kenya not only receives a motivated workforce, it receives a benevolent one too… and the ‘circle’ continues from one generation to the next.

The GGBC girls enter the program in High School and commit to Giving Back to society for as long as they live. Many of the girls use the ‘Power of Their Voice’ to bring about positive change in Kenya. And, many of the girls have registered Give Back Commitments that focus on ridding Kenya of HIV/AIDS.

PD in KenyaMicrosoft sponsors the operation of two IT Learning Labs for the GGBC girls in Kenya, because a girl who acquires IT skills is a girl who finds employment. Knowing that the girls were eager to learn HOW to educate fellow Kenyans on the importance of HIV/AIDS Testing, GGBC asked for help and support. They not only needed help with what to say and how to say it, they also needed help identifying and responding to the most common myths and fears related to HIV Testing. They were committed to working in their local communities and dispelling the myths and fears surrounding HIV/AIDS Testing.’s ‘Performance Drilling’ enabled the girls to realize the ‘Power of Their Voice’. Three of the girls volunteered to be Team Leaders, and as a Team they demonstrated how to use Performance Drilling while enlisting group participation as they progressed from one Performance Drilling Challenge to the next. There were periods of intense concentration, sweaty-palm nervousness and sheer joy and jubilation when they realized how well they were mastering the presentation of such a complex subject.

A senior HIV/AIDS Control Officer with the Kenyan Government drove 5 hours from the Rift Valley to participate in the session and reinforce just how important this day was and how important their voices are in the effort to alleviating HIV/AIDS in Africa. After one week of additional practice and perfection, the girls were able to travel to their respective communities and begin fulfilling their very powerful Give Back Commitment!

There are currently 300 once disadvantaged girls in GGBC. Performance Drilling helped girls committed to HIV/AIDS abolishment, find their voice and use their voice in ways they never imagined possible. Performance Drilling helped empower these girls by giving them the tools they needed to experience the joy of successfully implementing something important to them – something important to their country – something important to Africa.