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Consistent Performance Excellence provides a structured verbal practice platform that builds consistent performance excellence across your entire organization. We offer a patented learning approach that lets your team learn faster and retain longer through enjoyable self-study practice sessions. And our patented authoring technology allows you to build highly-customized content in minutes instead of months.
Making the Impossible not only Possible, but Practical.
Situation: Something big is happening. Perhaps there is a breaking world event that will radically impact your business, or you are launching a brand-new product line, or there is an announcement of a merger or acquisition about to go down.

Problem: You need all 10,000 people in your organization to be able to communicate a consistent and clear message, and answer tough questions with confidence. And they need to be able to do it by tomorrow.

Solution: solves problems like this every day. Our structured practice methodology only takes a few minutes for learners to gain meaningful experience communicating specific messages and answering questions, and builds lasting skills and confidence. And our revolutionary authoring platform allows you to create a robust training program in mere minutes, making it possible to train your people today to change the world tomorrow.

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The Missing Piece Critical to Success
While some systems challenge their people to practice, they do not provide any guidance or structure to make that practice time productive, let alone enjoyable.

Structured Practice is the Missing Piece Critical to Success
Structured practice, with clear objectives that builds measurable proficiency, is the critical piece necessary to establish consistent, world-class communication skills in your organization. And when your organization communicates well, it does well.
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You Need it NOW
When you need a solution, you need it NOW – not months from now. At, we’ve invented technology that allows you to enter raw SME content and have it be INSTANTLY transformed into a variety of learning formats with no animation, no programming, and no instructional design skills necessary.
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