Interpersonal Communication

It’s not enough to know what you need to do, you need to be able to actually do it.
Being practice-based, we not only build knowledge, we also build skills.
That’s what makes practice-based training so effective.
It builds world-class interpersonal communication critical to virtually all organizations.
Including yours.


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and you often only get one chance to make a sale. can give your sales team the training they need to sell with confidence and close deals. Practice-based training allows sales professionals to deliver a consistent best practice message, be prepared to counter expected objections, and to maximize every opportunity for an increased bottom line. Make every salesperson a top performer!


When obtaining service, customers demand accurate information. If your people can’t explain the basics in language that the customer can understand, then you either lose business or lose customers. Not good. helps your service people communicate effectively, every time. From technical discussions specific to your business, or ways to interact with customers to represent the company in general, your training can have it all.


In today’s world, management mistakes can be fatal to businesses. Even if managers say the right thing, if they don’t say it the right way it can result in reduced productivity, lost employees, or lawsuits. is structured to make managers more productive, not only by improving their communication, but also by providing coaching tools that can help motivate employees and identify skill gaps in underperformers.

Call Centers

At call centers, good communication skills are critically important, and complicated by the fact that there is no face-to-face encounter. not only helps call center workers to excel in their verbal communication skills, it also helps them increase their confidence, empathy, and ability to work with foreign accents through a structured practice regimen.


How can retail shops compete with internet sites that sell for prices that can’t be matched? The answer is by providing a superior shopping experience. The internet is cold, sterile, unwelcoming and unfriendly. Training your staff to be warm, empathetic, and help customers make the right choices, provides a value and experience that the internet can’t beat.

Food Service

No matter how good the meal, if the service isn’t right your business is in trouble. can help your entire staff provide a customer experience superior to your competitors, and sell additional high-profit add-ons. With, the speed and ease at which new training courses can be developed allow you to provide training for specific menu variations every single day!

Special Opportunities

When the Kenyan girls in the Global Give Back Circle made the decision to give back time and talent by using the power of their voice, they utilized the approach. Our modules helped empower girls committed to HIV/AIDS abolishment by giving them the skills they needed to experience the joy of successfully implementing something important to them, their country, and the world.