The frameworks are a rapid course technology that has been developed under multiple patents. The frameworks have been designed to allow each company to insert their own content into the training program, and it will populate in all frameworks. It is completely customizable and can be changed or reconfigured in very little time. Unlike any other eLearning training software, can offer virtual on the job training through a computer program. It will simulate real-world scenarios that are unique to your company and clientele, and the specific information you want to train your employees on at any given time.

Additionally, our patented software program revolutionizes the way the training program is created. Rather than a program that requires you to input information on every page, we use pre-existing frameworks that act as a databank to input data in specified fields once, and then you can select which fields are to appear on which pages. Your content automatically appears in the right places on the right pages for an exceptional learning experience. For example, you can enter a key learning concept in the first field and then tell the software you want it to appear on every page of the training module. The key learning concept will then populate to every page. In a traditional model, you would be required to type it on each page you want it to appear. No longer will you be wasting time typing in the same information over and over again. We have removed the repetition from creating a training module, freeing up more time to spend on other aspects of your business. has acquired numerous patents for our software program proving there truly is nothing like it on the market today. Performance Drilling along with the other frameworks encourage continuous learning and skill development by offering various frameworks designed to teach, train and refresh pertinent information. Daily training and practice vs. single event training solidifies comprehension and capitalizes on neuroscience research.

By reinventing the concept of eLearning, Performance Drilling helps companies become more people-focused by offering the proper training for employee/customer interactions. Developing a deeper understanding of how an employee can effectively relate to a customer creates better customer rapport, more confident and satisfied employees, and an overall more successful company.