Performance Drilling replaces your current eLearning software with web and browser based modules used in conjunction with your LMS. We developed Performance Drilling and other similar frameworks to revolutionize the way your employees are trained and developed. As your employees go through the simulated scenarios, our patented technology works to encode the information onto different parts of the employee’s brain to maximize their comprehension. The end result is an employee with valuable, impactful, and real-life skills needed to succeed in their role interacting with customers.

At first, information is presented in both written and audio form to reach all types of learning personalities. The learner can read the pre-study key elements of the training on the screen while the simulated role models perform the material.

The advantage of a simulated role model is the ability to verbally challenge the user to respond confidently and correctly in a safe place where practice can continue when needed. Traditional eLearning software generally neglects the vital role practice plays in developing valuable skills. While knowledge can be learned and remembered, it does not prove that the learner will be able to deliver that knowledge with accuracy and confidence when presented with the opportunity to do so. The frameworks set themselves apart from other eLearning software in this sense—they focus on practice and performance to build confidence in your employees in a safe place.

During practice and testing, the questions are asked in random order to give the employee real-world performance rehearsal. This type of practice has been shown to code differently on the brain allowing a person to better retain and recall the information they have learned.

As the information becomes more familiar, the module can be changed to a different framework to present the same content in a new way that allows the individual or a facilitator to focus on specific elements of the training. For instance, a framework can be employed that helps the learner to respond to clients faster, yet still in an accurate and confident way. The framework functions as a sort of speed drill for response times. The outcome of this type of training is complete mastery of all content that can be delivered to a customer in an eloquent and valuable way to provide superior and confident employees within your company.

Another way Performance Drilling is significantly different from all other eLearning models is that corporate training can now be completed through self-study. The need for a facilitator is removed. While a facilitator is generally used for the testing portion of the framework, it is not necessary. This saves time for both parties while still providing interactive learning and maximum engagement with course materials. At the end of the simulated scenarios, employees will be given a score that rates them on the correctness of their response, the timeliness with which they began answering the question, and the confidence of their answer. They can then redo any question until they feel satisfied with their score and are confident in their mastery of the subject. At this point, the employee or facilitator can complete a test to prove acquired skills or continue with another round of practice simulations. By the time your employee faces real customer interaction, their responses to all sorts of concerns and questions will be second nature, and the customer will view your employee as knowledgeable and seasoned.