created its authoring software to enable organizations to manage their eLearning from within. Our rapid authoring software is so intuitive that users who are not proficient in computer programming can manage the process from creation to implementation. This keeps those that are most involved and invested in the learning content in control of the content and free to make changes as they see fit. No programing or animation skills are required.

Modules are easily and quickly created from one screen. The content manager fills in information on one screen, which then is instantly applied to all frameworks. With a simple click of the mouse, automatic full publishing takes place across all frameworks and all platforms. This cross-framework and cross-platform technique helps you present your content in a way that conforms to multiple learning methodologies. No longer does a content manager need to input the same data on multiple pages or courses.’s user-friendly process will send information across all frameworks and platforms seamlessly. Both the updating and management of all content is quick, centralized and efficient.

Many people may think eLearning is expensive and time consuming. And with some authoring tools this is true. But not with Rapid authoring frees up time for an organization to focus on their core business. Creating and making revisions to content is done quickly and then immediately uploaded to multiple platforms and across multiple modules that present the content to best meet different learning needs. The ease of use allows a firm to cover more subjects, and cover them more thoroughly. This simple structure reduces the time it takes to create modules and allows the person in charge of creating modules to customize and add content.

In addition to quick implementation,’s software also allows for real-time changes that can be made as business objectives alter. With’s rapid authoring software, there is no generic eLearning content. Employees won’t feel like they are wasting their time learning content that will never apply to their day-to-day work life. Instead content is created by someone within their firm – perhaps even their own manager – that knows the problems and solutions needed to really succeed. A win for an employee’s personal business is a win for the organization as a whole, and helps companies get there.