About ProPractice.comProPractice.com was founded in 2007 as the technology branch of Cohen Brown, a traditional training company. ProPractice.com was created when the need for a drastic change to the methodology of eLearning became apparent. The possibilities of eLearning seemed limitless, but for a long time, the execution was flawed. In order to improve the way people learned from a computer, we examined the human brain, the abilities of a computer, and the natural learning process. Combining all of these aspects of the learning model allowed us to create learning frameworks like Performance Drilling, which has revolutionized the eLearning model.

Our research enabled us to create totally new and patented learning methodologies to be used in online modules. There is no other eLearning software available that comes close to the efficiency and effectiveness of our patented training modules. ProPractice.com has created fun, interactive, and practice based eLearning tools that allow your employees to develop and maintain the skills they need to be successful. Our goal was to create a product that promoted the development of on the job skills that would normally come with years of experience. If we could simulate real-life scenarios for learners to feel comfortable with (confidently respond quickly and accurately to a customer) then we could build up “seasoned” employees in a matter of days rather than years.

To make this a reality, we produced a totally new and patented software platform that teaches people based on the way they actually learn. It can be used anywhere and anytime. The software makes it possible for our patented learning modules to be accessible to everyone and affordable to all. A learner will be trained effectively at any computer using the Internet, an intranet, or CD/ROM. The platform is designed to give the learner specific knowledge of the company and situation in a way that reinforces it as significant. This forces the information to be coded onto the brain in a permanent way rather than shuffling it to the side as meaningless information. Through this technology and brain coding research, ProPractice.com has developed the most powerful methodology for verbal performance mastery, including speed of answers, content accuracy, and a confident delivery.

Based on your company’s specific learning and training goals, ProPractice.com’s software offers customizable modules to help you accomplish any sort of employee training or continued education. When the concept of eLearning began, the programs that were available were often expensive and fairly ineffective. We set out to create a program that was not only affordable, but also more effective than the traditional Role Model Pairing or Independent eLearning models. While both models could be effective learning tools, they had their faults. ProPractice.com wanted to encompass the positives of each learning model, while creating a patented breakthrough in technology that could eliminate the negatives. The final product is a suite of learning models that uses the Accelerated Compressed Experience methodology by emotionally engaging in realistic computer simulations.

Quality eLearning is now available at a reasonable cost and in an easy-to-use format suited for even the novice content author. In fact, the authoring tool makes it possible for front line managers to create their own modules in minutes. No prior experience eLearning authoring skills are needed to set up a functional and effective training program designed for your specific needs. Welcome to the cutting edge of training technology brought to you by ProPractice.com!