Success and Failure are not Two Separate Paths.
They are the Same Path. Failure Leads to Success.
The best way to succeed at anything is to fail at it first and learn from your mistakes.
This method of learning has been employed for thousands of years.
Sadly, in today’s world we are taught to avoid failure at all costs.
Fail in Order to Succeed
It is critically important to create scenarios where people can comfortably fail.
Fail safely, without impacting the business, where they can learn from their experience.
Help people fail to succeed, so they don’t fail to succeed.
Building Failure Followed by Success
Human nature embraces failure followed by success. The video game industry is built on repetitive failure building skills that lead to eventual mastery of abstract challenges. Video games take months or years, and millions of dollars, to develop with much of that time being spent to create a narrative to make the gameplay relevant or meaningful.

But opportunities exist in the real world that can be just as challenging, and just as satisfying when they are mastered. Imagine if you could transform the challenges experienced by people in your organization into training modules where they can build relevant skills by being able to do the right thing every time, with the comfort and safety of playing a simple video game. It would take training to a whole new level. It would be transformative for your organization.

And it is available today, based on technology invented at

You Provide the Scenario, We Make Learning Happen
Through our patented authoring engine – LCMX – Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can enter raw scenario content. These can be angry customers making complaints, managers having to deal with problem employees, or prospects asking tough questions of sales people… Anything.

Then, in a matter of minutes, the LCMX does all the work to generate that content into a meaningful learning experience that creates emotional engagement, with no programming, no animation, and no instructional design skills necessary.

From SME directly to finished module, in minutes. Literally.

Patented Technology Makes it Now
With LCMX authoring, raw Learning Content is entered one time – independent of any flow –
typically directly by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
It can then be combined with a variety of Frameworks and Style Sets
to meet multiple learner needs.

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With LCMX…

  • Subject Matter Experts can enter raw content.
  • It can be published in a variety of formats.
  • It can be sent out to pilot learners in the field.
  • They can make suggestions and recommendations for improvements.
  • Adjustments can be made within LCMX, and the modules republished.
  • Perhaps two or three rounds of revisions and improvements are recommended and implemented.
  • Finally, the module is approved, and inserted into the LMS.
  • An announcement is made that a new, robust simulation module is now available to all.

Now go to lunch. You’ve had a productive morning.