Unrivaled Sales & Service Results
Requires a New Training Paradigm

The ProPractice virtual simulation-based

training solution creates a

perfect practice and coaching culture that

immediately guarantees consistent,

superior verbal performance.

ProPractice – The New Paradigm!

What do the best professional athletes and performing artists do…
which is NOT done in business?

They continuously engage in…

Deliberate Practice

  • Video Challenge & Verbal Response
  • View Ideal Role Model for content & style
  • Repeat Challenges & Video Record responses
  • Assess for content Key Elements & Style
  • Score immediately or asynchronously
  • Compare for Proven Best Practices & Results

Situation-Specific, Advice-Based Coaching

Assuring that coaching precisely links to Situation-Specific modules and guarantees Proven Best Practices Advised-Based Coaching for content and style.

Style accounts for 50%+ of the impact of communications.

Embeds WHAT to Say and HOW to Say it for every specific situation.

Proven Best Practices Content in Less Than a Day

Immediate scalable solution content for new opportunities and challenges.

Customizable and flexible for all areas and every level in organizations.

High Impact Practice and Coaching Culture

Great Cultures last while infrequent, inconsistent, and ineffective “training inoculations” don’t.

ProPractice is the only way to build Verbal Muscle Memory and lasting habits of success.

This is based upon Neuroscience – not antiquated paradigms.


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