As organizations author and roll out their own customized content utilizing’s eLearning tools, we are always available to help with the implementation along the way. From concept to execution, consults and trains in areas related to this intuitive software. We can be as involved as a company would like, taking on every step of the process, or we can assist in specified areas as directed by the customer. Specific areas of involvement include:

Custom Avatars

In each Performance Drilling module, employees interact with avatar-based customers and role models that create real-life scenarios. can tailor avatars to an organization or industry. This customization enhances the realistic nature of the interaction and helps facilitate the learning process. A few ways avatars can be customized include:

  • Uniform
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Face-to face or call center
  • Background image

You can even email a photo of what you would like the background to look like. For example, some companies choose to display an image of the sales floor or service counter in the background.

Custom Style Sets can change the layout of the learning module to reflect corporate branding and identity, which greatly enhances the customized experience. For example, companies choose to include a logo or tagline in the background of the module. Customizing the style set reinforces the specificity of the learning content. This is specialized content specifically for them and the job they perform, not generic content designed to apply to everyone. will create the custom style set at the very beginning and it will remain in place so the author does not need to worry about design.

Voice Casting has a network of contacts and partners that we use to produce high-quality audios. can provide contact information, or even oversee the entire voice casting process and deliver finished audio clips to you.

Script Consulting

Many times writing an eLearning script can seem daunting. With extensive experience across industries of all kinds, offers expertise in script formation and editing. We are accessible to write the entire script or help with the initial formation and thought generation. Working with key leaders in an organization, we are able to hone in on the approach and key performance markers that make an employee great.

Training’s eLearning experts have spent countless hours perfecting our frameworks and authoring platform. We are on call to assist customers as they roll out their eLearning programs company-wide and ensure the entire process is seamless and causes little interruption to company operations.

End-to-End Authoring

While’s tools have been created to help companies manage their own eLearning programs, we are able to manage the entire authoring process for you, from initial content creation to ongoing updates and improvements to incorporate the very latest lessons learned from the field. Our end-to-end authoring service works with your input to drive the content, but we handle all the authoring and logistics on our end.