Structured Practice
Structured Practice is critical to success, but is often non-existent in the business world. Rather than just expecting people to somehow become proficient on their own, providing practice-based learning experiences builds consistent skills in the shortest possible timeframe. We have spent years creating and perfecting learning methodologies that build Accelerated Compressed Experience, allowing people to perform like well-seasoned veterans right from their first interactions.

One of our learning methodologies, illustrated below, presents information in a natural flow that is compatible with all learning styles. But beyond that, it is structured to be compatible with the way the brain learns new information, classifies it as important for long-term retention, and embeds skills that facilitate actual behavior change.

The Importance of Each Step

1 – Read

Written language is concise, so we present a written text with highlighted Key Elements. The learner is encouraged to wrap their own personalized language around the Key Elements.

2 – Observe

Visual learners observe, and auditory learners listen to, a video role model. Key Elements alongside the video force the brain to engage by recognizing the Key Elements within the spoken language.

3 – Practice

Everybody learns by doing! Learners verbally respond to the video challenger to engage the speech centers of the brain and build memories.

4 – Review

Thinking about your response, and assessing how you did, makes your brain work, builds memories and improves learning. No need to keep score yet. Practice until you are ready to try it with another person.

5 – Assess

Being scored by a manager or peer builds memories and confidence. The system enables scorers to objectively rate your performance even if they don’t know the subject. This “test” is actually part of the learning process that transforms the demonstrated new skills into permanent behavior change.

6 – Perform!

Structured practice allows you to perform like a pro your very first time, because you’ve done it before! We call this “Accelerated Compressed Experience.”

By already knowing what you need to say, your mind can think beyond those words and explore opportunities to exploit potential advantages, sense underlying customer needs, and explore ways to resolve problems and provide solutions. builds verbal proficiency and fluidity that is essential to business success through efficient, effective, and enjoyable structured practice.

Role-Playing is Not Practice
Athletes, entertainers, and first responders, ALL practice –frequently! We’ve researched why business people don’t incorporate a practice culture into their organizations, and the biggest factor is “discomfort with practice.”

Some organizations rely on role-playing to train their people. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and pretty much universally despised.

And it’s not effective. In these awkward moments, participants are just looking to find the shortest path to ending the exercise. The brain only remembers the discomfort. Classic role-playing does not provide a meaningful experience.

Structured practice builds a comfortable, non-threatening environment where the brain can concentrate on the lesson. Memories are built this way, as the language evolves becoming more complete and accurate with each successive performance. The evolution of success based on trial and error builds long-lasting memories.

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Verbal Tennis Machine utilizes the infinite patience and 24×7 availability of the technology to construct realistic practice partners that are always there when you are ready to learn. Available on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices, you get the repetition and structure that you need to learn deeply and quickly. Like a “verbal tennis machine” it patiently lobs challenges at you so you can practice to build skills you will need in the big game.